Top 5 U.S Radio Stations

Top 5 U.S Radio Stations

Radio stations haven’t lost their popularity among the public for decades. Whenever we come to check statics about their listener’s ships most of the results were outstanding. In the U.S people loves to restore their old habitat however how much technology has been evolved. Radio audiences can call most loyal fans who keep alive radio stations due to t their high interest. According to surveys more than 15,000 radio stations are working around the U.S. We have collected some popular stations which we are going to describe below.

1. WLTW-FM 106.7 Lite FM – New York.

Top 5 U.S Radio StationsThis station can be categorized for mature content for adult ones. it licensed to New York metropolitan city. It has a huge fan following which keeps it ranks high among other states stations. Proprietorship of this radio station has been own by I Heart Media and broadcast by studios in the former AT&A buildings. It considered being mainstream radio in adult contemporary content.

2. WHTZ-FM Z100 – New York.

Top 5 U.S Radio StationsThis station is known for its NO#1 Hit music station for music lovers. It has been licensed for various cities like New Jersey, Newark, and broadcast for New York metropolitan. This famous station also owned by I Heart Media. The transmitter of this station took its position in the Empire State Building. Most of the music played on this station contains Hip Hop, Rock, EDM and Dance. It has a high number of the audience who listed their beloved station into top five popular stations among 15000 running radio stations around the U.S.

3. WKTU-FM 103.5 – New York.

Top 5 U.S Radio StationsThis station has big name in Rhythmic Hot AC format which is a popular type of music among 25 to 55 age groups. It also owns by I Heart Media which ensures their listeners to provide quality and entertaining music. It has been known for its peak fellowship throughout others.

4. KIIS-FM 102.7 – Los Angeles

Top 5 U.S Radio StationsThis top-rated radio media has also be presented by I Heart Broadcasting for their Los Angeles Fans. KIIS format has been commercial FM radio station and origin to television networks. It has been licensed for California and greater Los Angeles. Studios of KISS brand radio station has been located into Burbank, millions of their audience have made this station No#1 transmissions around Los Angeles. It has two HD channels Evolution can be considered as most popular which includes dance format content for their music lovers.

5. KBIG-FM 104.3 MYFM – Los Angeles

Top 5 U.S Radio StationsThis amazing station which has been providing hot adult contemporary music for their listeners. Their transmission has been consisted of their fixed format which they are provided from 1980 to today. It has been licensed For Los Angeles and California. Their base transmitter has been located situated into Mount Wilson. The measurement of listeners of this station always touches the sky level.

Their format catches music fans into entertaining Hub which keeps them attach toward KBIG with high of their intentions. They have tried a different format for music play but their foundation format makes them top-ranked station among various.